I am not a Medical Doctor or other healthcare practitioner, may I still attend?

Although our target audience is the healthcare community and the content of the conference is geared towards medical doctors and other healthcare practitioners, there is NO REQUIREMENT that attendees be employed in the healthcare field.

Past conferences have had a contingent of non-healthcare practitioners and they always seem to enjoy the conference. Please feel free to join us.

Do attendees need internet access to access the 2022 VIRTUAL Asian PBNHC and what are other technical requirements?

Yes, attendees will need internet access to attend the 2022 VIRTUAL Asian PBNHC. Accessing the VIRTUAL conference platform will be just like accessing any other website and there will be no need to install additional software or plugins.

Specific technical requirements can be found on the Tech Requirements Tab on the Virtual Platform.

On what device(s) can attendees access the 2022 VIRTUAL Asian PBNHC and other technical requirements?

Attendees should be able to access the 2022 VIRTUAL Asian PBNHC on any device that allows them to access any website or web-based portal. This includes desktop computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets and other internet capable devices.

Specific technical requirements can be found on the Tech Requirements Tab on the Virtual Platform.

How do attendees access the virtual conference platform?

Attendees will receive information – including a user name and password to the virtual conference platform – after they register for the conference. In order for attendees to access their account, they will need to log in to the platform’s attendee portal. We recommend attendees do this before the start of the conference in order to familiarize themselves with the portal and locate the area where the VIRTUAL conference sessions will be presented. We assure this is an easy and intuitive process and anyone with basic internet/website skills will be able to easily navigate the platform. Again, we do recommend that attendees access the portal IN ADVANCE OF THE START of the sessions. This will insure their account is active, they know where to access the sessions and any unforeseen problems can be worked out in advance so that they don’t miss any of the live sessions.

Will attendees have the opportunity to ask questions of the presenter?

Yes! All virtual live presenters will be available to answer questions. If attendees choose to watch the presentations after they air live (on demand), they will not have the ability to ask questions but will have recordings of the live Q&A.

Do attendees need to watch the “virtual live” sessions at the times listed or may they watch them “on demand” as their schedule permits?

Once an attendee registers, it is their choice when and how to attend the VIRTUAL conference. All attendees have been given the flexibility to participate in the manner that best fits their schedule.

How soon after the scheduled VIRTUAL live session is aired will the on-demand video of that session be available?

The video on-demand of each session will be available within 48 hours (if not sooner) after the end of the scheduled VIRTUAL live conference.

Do attendees get access to the sessions post conference?

Yes. After the VIRTUAL conference, all attendees will receive access to all VIRTUAL conference sessions via the online platform until December 31, 2022.

Will attendees receive copies of the Conference Faculty presentations?

Yes. PDF’s of the conference presentations will be available through the virtual conference platform. Keep in mind that due to various copyright issues, some presentations may not be available.

However, all full conference attendees will be given access to the videos of this year’s entire conference per the details above.

Is information available for future conferences?

To find out about future conferences:

Visit www.asianpbnhc.com and sign up to receive conference updates

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I am having trouble registering – can you help?

Registration is working fine.  When an “error” occurs, it is usually 1 of 2 things:

First, if you used the “BACK” button during the registration process, sometimes registration fails.  This is rare but does happen occasionally.

Most often, one of the fields has too many characters in it and it is usually the “Institution” field.  So, if you have any fields, particularly the institution field, that are particularly long with lots of characters, make it shorter by using abbreviations of shorter names or even nicknames.

Can I receive a refund?

The Cancellation and Refund policy on the website states:
Cancellations received in writing on or before Friday, January 7, 2022, will be refunded full registration fee, less a $15 (USD) administrative fee. No refunds will be issued thereafter. Substitute participants will be accepted. Please email to support@plantricianproject.org.

All registrations received after Friday; January 7, 2022, are non-refundable.